Brice Bowmat outside his Benicia Studio
Brice Bowman painting on Imago outside of his studio in Benicia, California Septemeber 1984.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1951. His very early years we spent in Independence, Missouri and Sugar Hill, Georgia. He moved to Napa, California at the age of seven in 1958. He had a love of art from the third grade on at Irene M. Snow elementary school in Napa. Brice Bowman was an avid reader; his hobby was reading biographies.  In addtion to all of the reading he did he made many drawings and paintings. In a humanties class in the eleventh grade he decide to be an artist. He graduated from Napa High School in June of 1969.  During that Summer fearing being drafted into the army he enlisted in the Navy with a departure date in Ocotober. He spent the Summer among other things seeing a lot of rock concerts at the Filmore in San Francisco. After serving in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman during the Vietnam war he used the G. I. Bill to earn a B.A. degree at San Francisco State, and a M.A. at Sacramento State. Both degrees were in Painting and Drawing. After finishing his graduate work (December 1983) Brice Bowman moved from Sacramento and opened a studio in Benicia, Califoria on East H street in an old steel mill which he rented from Ludell Deutcher. In this studio he made many large paintings and drawings. It was at this time that his work started being included in many bay area and national shows, juried by such people for example, as Henry Hopkins (SFMOMA, Director) and Graham Beal (SFMOMA, Painting Curator). Subsequent to his life in Benicia he moved to Berkeley, California opening a studio at 2571 Shattuck Avenue in a building he shared with Elmer Bishof. For a period of time Brice Bowman also simultaneously maintained a studio in San Francisco. His studio was in the basement of an old hotel on Bush street just around the corner from the Hansen-Fuller-Goldein gallery at 228 Grant in San Francisco, a gallery he vistited frequently. In his Bush street studio Graham Beal brought groups of people over to see his paintings. One of Brice Bowman's favorite bay area exhibitions was in 1986 when his work was paired up with Jay Defeo's at the Berkeley Art Center. The show (Bay Area Modernism, Success or Failure) received strong reviews from such bay area critics as Charles Shere from the Oakland Tribune, and Artweek. During the exhibition at the Berkeley Art Center Brice Bowman and Jay DeFeo became extremely close friends and remained so until her untimely passing.

In 1987 his work was included in a three-person exhibition (Introductions 87) at the Jeremy Stone Gallery in San Francisco. It was around this time Brice Bowman began making regular trips to Los Angeles to see art exhibitions. As a result of these visits and the many group shows his work was in that included other medias, such as Video Art, Brice Bowman began to move away from exclusiving using the media of painting to make art. First it was digitat art that caught his interest and thus he made a lot of  digital art using Photoshop; which was widely exhibited throughout the United States. While he was making digital art he also took an interest in video art which around 1997 he started exploring. He decided to move to downtown Los Angeles and opened a studio during the Summer of 1997 at 120 Vignes Street. In this studio he made his first successful video which he titled "Transitional Construction", a pun on his efforts to transition from using paint to make art on a stationary surface to an approach consisting of constructing art with moving images on a timeline. Transitional Construction was Brice Bowman's first work of art that was exhibited in Europe. From this video piece he moved to film using 16mm and 8mm cameras. Much of this work has been screened widely in Europe, South America, Asia, as well as the United States. Another important note on Brice Bowman's evolution as an artist is that he has spent long periods of time in France when not in California. Currently he lives and works in Los Angeles.