FLIGHT (movie still), running time 11 min. 23 sec., 2018 - artist's collection.

Screened at: Rencontres Traverse Vidéo, Musée des Abattoirs, Toulouse, France 2019
RIFF Festival- Norway, Einavegen, Norway 2018
Festival Images Contre Nature, International Festival of Experimental Video, Association P'Silo, Marseille, France 2018
  SAND (movie still), running time 08 min 03 sec, 2015 - artist's collection.

Screened at: The FESTIVAL OF (IN)APPROPRIATION, Hollywood, California, United States 2018
Shine a Light: A Night of International Experimental Cinema, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, Calfifornia, United States 2018
Les Rencontres Traverse Vidéo, Musée des Abattoirs, Toulouse, France 2018
ANALOGICA SELECTION 7 Film Festival Tour, Mexico City, Mexico 2018
The Unforeseen - International Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia 2017
ANALOGICA SELECTION 7 Film Festival, Bolzano, Italy.
MAC Underground Film Festival. Manaus, Brazil  2016
Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia  2016
Festival Images Contre Nature, International Festival of Experimental Video, Association P'Silo, Marseille, France 2016

B.A. degree at San Francisco State, and a M.A. at Sacramento State in Painting and Drawing. Not long after graduate school Brice Bowman's work started being included in many San Francisco bay area and national art shows, juried in by such people as Henry Hopkins the director at that time of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, as well as Graham Beal the painting curator for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. One of his favorite bay area exhibitios was in 1986 when his work was paired up with the legendary painter Jay Defeo in a show at the Berkeley Art Center titled "Bay Area Modernism, Success or Failure". This show was broadly covered, and Brice Bowman's work received strong reviews from such bay area critics as Charles Shere from the Oakland Tribune comparing Brice Bowman to Jackson Pollock.


About 1988 Brice Bowman began making frequent trips to Los Angeles where he developed want to make videos. He became interested in the flow of dots of colors and values flowing around on the screen. He had acquired a Mac IIci computer and used Photoshop 2.5 to make digital art of which he was immediately had success exhibiting it.  From a teaching job at the Electronics Art Academy in Los Angeles he had access to an early verions of Premiere which lead to his first video which he titled "Transitional Construction", a pun on his efforts to transition from using paint to make art on a stationary surface to an approach consisting of constructing art with moving images on a timeline.  In late late 1999 he submitted Transitional Construction to a curator in Italy and as a result Transitional Construction was exhibited in Europe giving him his first opportunity to exhibit his work outside of the United States. As the 20th century clicked over to the 21st century after a considerable amount of reading on filmmaking Brice Bowman began making movies using 16mm and 8mm cameras. His early films are Doll with Hole (2003), Answer to a Reply (2003), Forced Development (2004), Continuance Which Causes (2004), And Implications (2005), and Adieu le Belle (2007). Since turning from painting to filmmaker Brice Bowman's films have been screened in Europe, South America, Asia an the United States. After his film Adieu le Belle a very symbolic title he began to look to France which lead to him spending long periods of time in France where he made nine films during his long stays there. Today Brice Bowman lives and works in Long Beach, California. As of 2019 he has made 50 films and videos. see Brice Bowman films